** Childbirth Education classes coming soon! **

Complimentary consultation:

Let's meet and see if were compatible! I offer a free consultation which allows you to ask any questions about me and my doula services. 

Two Prenatal appointments:

Do you have anxiety about labor and birth? Do you have questions? A big part of my job is education.  Preparing for birth does not only consist of physical preparation, but emotional and spiritual preparation too.  I will answer any questions or concerns you may have and help in figuring out how you envision your birth unfolding.  This will help you write out your birth preferences (birth plan).  I ask that you bring a draft of your birth plan to the 2nd prenatal appointment.

Unlimited call/text and email consultations:

Once you sign a contract with Tori Birth Services, I’m your doula and I’m here for you.  You can call me any time during your pregnancy whether you are at 4 weeks or 38 weeks! If there is something you are wondering about, give me a call/text or email.  I am here for anything you need!

At 38 weeks in your pregnancy, I will be “on-call” for you (meaning I won’t travel out of the area), 24/7.

Continuous support throughout labor:

The day is finally here, time to have this baby, mama! Once you are in active labor, I join you at your birthing location and provide continuous physical and emotional support until your baby is born. I stay with you 1-2 hours after the birth to help you and your family get settled.

One Postpartum visit:

Within the first week of your baby being born, I will visit you at home to see how you are doing, talk about the birth, and make sure you are adjusting well to life with the new baby!