Benefits of Hiring a Labor Doula

A question I get a lot is, "What are the benefits of hiring a doula?"

Well, I am here to tell you that there are many.

Recent studies show that when a mother has the continuous presence of a doula during her labor:

  • The use of Pitocin (the drug that strengthens contractions) goes down
  • There is a decreased rate of interventions during labor
  • Less need for pain medication and less requests for an epidural
  • Much lower chance of having a Cesarean birth (C-section)
  • higher chances of spontaneous vaginal birth (vaginal birth with no interventions)
  • Shorter labor time

Now, while I believe these to be solid reasons why someone should look into hiring a doula, the most important reason to me is the doulas ability to increase the quality of the moms overall experience of her pregnancy, labor and delivery.

Studies show that women who have hired a doula have more positive birth experiences overall. Why?  Because doulas have the training and experience needed to educate and empower moms. While support from a partner or loved one is sacred, a doula is trained to offer unique support. A loved one or partner is therefore not replaced by a doula. We work together as a team to create the most positive environment possible for your birth. While a doula is not an advocate, we educate and empower the mother to be able to make her own decisions concerning her labor and delivery so she can be her own advocate. 

My goal as your doula is to educate you on anything and everything you want to know, help you create your birth plan and support you (as well as your partner) and your decisions during your labor and delivery. I want to help you have the birth that YOU envision for yourself and your family.

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